Re: [ALL,XSCH] draft TF description: XML Schema Datatypes and Semantic Web

Jeremy, this proposal works for me and as I said in
I'm happy to participate in XSCH TF
what I also believe is that a set of test cases could
be a supportive deliverable

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Jeremy Carroll <>
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29/04/2004 21:57

        Subject:        Re: [ALL,XSCH] draft TF description: XML Schema Datatypes and Semantic Web

Here is an updated version, including an early publication of the 
problem statements and possible solutions for public feedback.

Still needing:
  finalization of participants from SWBPD WG 
   I have listed Ralph and Jos: is this OK? Are there any others?
  participants from XML Schema WG
  background reading links from XML Schema WG e.g. NUN??
  any other input from XML Schema WG

Should the status become "active"?


TEMPLATE Task Force Description

NAME XML Schema Datatypes and Semantic Web

STATUS: "Considered"

Jeremy Carroll 
+ nominee of XML Schema WG

Ralph Swick
Jos De Roo
and 2 additional from XML Schema WG

This TF will consider two issues:
- what URI should be used within RDF and OWL for user defined XML Schema
- what is the relationship between the value spaces of the various XML
Schema built-in simple types when used within RDF and OWL

Resolution of these issues MUST be with consensus of
both SWBPDWG and XML Schema WG
This is consensus, or a failure to reach consensus on either issue, will 
be documented in a WG Note.

A first version of a WG Note describing the two problems and sketching a 
number of possible solutions. This first version should be published by 
end of July 2004, and will call for public feedback.
A second version of the WG Note describing the issue resolutions or the 
failure to resolve.
An OWL Ontology describing the value spaces of the XML Schema builtin 
simple Datatypes.

OWL and RDF Platform developers.
OWL and RDF ontology authors.
XML Schema Datatype library code developers (particularly those aiming 
at a reusable datatyping component not solely targetted at XML Schema)

point 4 of

XML Schema links to do (i.e. to work in progress in that group)

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