RE: [OEP] "Classes as values": summary of the discussion so far and second draft $swbpd

"Uschold, Michael F" <> wrote:
>On document length...
>To the extent that we have spen the time producing useful content, I think 
>it would be a shame to cut it out just to keep documents short. Perhaps 
>better is to structure the documents so that there is a good exec summary, 
>and for those that wish to dig deeper, extra details may be provided.  Much 
>easier in a Web document, but possible for flat documents too, with extra 
>work. There could two or even three levels of depth for those who really 
>want the gory details. Much more work to produce - a question of balance 
>and priorities and what authors feel inspired to do.

I agree with this.  Don't delete information, just make it easier to find.
A standard structure for these notes would certainly help with this.


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