Short Introduction


First of all I am pleased to join the W3C Semantic Web Best Practices and
Deployment working group.

I am member of the INRIA-FUTURS Gemo Group ( ),
led by Serge Abiteboul. The general goal of our group is the integration oof
data and knowledge distributed over the web. I focus my research on a certain
number of points, all related to the construction of what we call content
warehouses. In brief, a content warehouse is a warehouse of loosely structured
data, containing a lot of qualitative information, as opposed to traditional
data warehouses that contain quantitative information.

It was quite natural for me to turn to the semantic web community (more
precisely the French semantic web community) in order to enhance the semantics
of the information to be stored in the warehouse. I have some experience in the
construction of 'Semantic' oriented web applications : a project with the
Athens University of Economics and Business (CS dpt, Database Group : Pr.
Michalis Vazirgiannis) called THESUS, that aims at automatically classifying
web pages using an ontology ( ) and the SPIN
application (now renamed Acware) used in the french project, which is
currently still running ( http://www-rocq.inria.Fr/gemo/edot )

We are still working on the THESUS project, and developments are running in
various directions, one of which is bringing our application to use a better
'semantic' interface, and publishing semantic oriented web services, that use
RDF and OWL, and connecting the project to a vast range of ontologies. 

I view my possible contributions to this working group mainly on the technical
and 'experimental' side, and hope to bring comments on our methods used while
developping these applications.

Best regards,

Benjamin Nguyen

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