Re: [OEP] "Classes as values" first draft

At 9:27 -0700 4/14/04, Natasha Noy wrote:
>At the last telecon, I took an action to produce a draft note on 
>dealing with the issue of classes as property values. My first pass 
>at it is at
>This is a strawman, so please feel free to and do poke holes in it! 
>I think the goal here is really two-fold: (1) to give some 
>suggestions on how to deal with  the specific issue (classes as 
>values) and (2) to figure out what the general format and tone of 
>such notes and patterns should be. (The second one being arguably 
>more important at this point)
>I have shamelessly lifted most of the ideas from the discussion on 
>the mailing list a couple of weeks ago. So, thanks to everyone who 
>participated in that discussion. I would also like to thank Oscar 
>for his comments on an earlier draft.

I must admit that up until I saw this document, I was seriously 
thinking of suggesting that OEP was a bad idea and that we should not 
have the task force.   Natasha's document shows me I was wrong, that 
it may be possible for us to create some useful information for 
Semantic Web users based on our experiences in our non-semantic web 
-- if all of the things written up are done as carefully, 
thoughtfully, and comprehensively as this - and are balanced in 
presenting the solutions as this is - then maybe there's hope. 
Natasha -- great job!

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