[OEP] "Classes as values" first draft


At the last telecon, I took an action to produce a draft note on 
dealing with the issue of classes as property values. My first pass 
at it is at


This is a strawman, so please feel free to and do poke holes in it! I 
think the goal here is really two-fold: (1) to give some suggestions 
on how to deal with  the specific issue (classes as values) and (2) 
to figure out what the general format and tone of such notes and 
patterns should be. (The second one being arguably more important at 
this point)

I have shamelessly lifted most of the ideas from the discussion on 
the mailing list a couple of weeks ago. So, thanks to everyone who 
participated in that discussion. I would also like to thank Oscar for 
his comments on an earlier draft.


Received on Wednesday, 14 April 2004 12:27:43 UTC