Re: SVG in HTML Questions


 I've updated my button test page after the discussion at last weeks

Some findings:

1. SMIL in SVG inside the <img> tag:

 Works in Chrome/Firefox/Opera, IE?
 Comment: SMIL seems to be real resource hog.

2. Mouse events passed from SVG inside <object> to HTML:

 Work only in IE9

3. Event handler in <object>:

 Works with PNG: Chrome/Firefox/Opera, IE?
 Fails with SVG: Chrome/Firefox/Opera, IE?

4. Mouse events passed from HTML inside <object> or <iframe> to HTML:

 Works only in IE9.

  Comment: Even setting the <iframe> attribute seamless to "seamless"
doesn't help. Also, an <iframe> is not allowed as a descendant of the
<a> element according to the w3c validator.

5. Styling external SVG from HTML:

 Using <iframe> with seamless attribute:

 Fails: Chrome/Firefox/Opera, IE?

6. Styling inline SVG from HTML:

 Works: Chrome/Firefox/Opera, IE?
 Fails: Chrome if styling an external SVG fragment from inline SVG.

7. Using <tref> in external SVG fragment from inline SVG:

 Works: Opera.
 Fails: Chrome/Firefox

 Doesn't allow reuse of external fragment as HREF value can't be


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