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Subject: [Openicc] Color Management and Printing with Linux - OpenPrinting Summit 2009

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I will organize the next OpenPrinting Summit in April 2009 (most 
probably April 8-10) in San Francisco, on the Linux Foundation 
Collaboration Summit (https://www.linuxfoundation.org/events/).

This is a meeting of everyone important for improving printing with free 
software and especially on Linux: Printer manufacturers, driver 
developers, Linux distribution representatives, core printing system 
developers, desktop and application developers, usability experts, ... 
and (I hope this time also) color managent experts!

On the previous Printing Summits we have planned and discussed a lot of 
things which led to major improvements in printing. For example the PDF 
printing workflow agreed on on the Printing Summit 2006 in Atlanta is 
now turned reality in the Ubuntu Intrepid distribution. Also automatic 
printer driver download from OpenPrinting is on its way.

One important thing where Windows and Mac OS X are ahead of us is Color 
Management on the operating system level. This we should also get in 
Linux, integrated with the CUPS printing workflow. Developemnt is 
already going the right way, like PDF-based printing and color 
management in Ghostscript. To get it all working together the best is 
when we meet, and there is no better place for that than the 
OpenPrinting Summit.

I plan to make Color Management one of the main subjects of the upcoming 
OpenPrinting Summit. What do you think? What should we discuss about? 
Who is essential to participate?

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