Re: ISSUE-2147 (external-refs confusing): Section on externally referenced documents confusing [Last Call: SVG 1.2 Tiny]

Hi Doug,

Doug Schepers a écrit :
> Hi, Cyril-
> Cyril Concolato wrote (on 10/31/08 7:13 AM):
>> Cameron McCormack a écrit :
>>>>>> References to any other kinds of document, such as media or external
>>>>>> scripts, are not classified as primary or resource documents. Multiple
>>>>>> references to media at a particular IRI always result in separate
>>>>>> timelines being created.
>>>>> This last part is also fine but you have a sentence explaining
>>>>> the behavior for media. You should explicitely say what happens for
>>>>> script. It may use a reference to HTML if you think it's better.
>>>> I don't think this section is appropriate for such definitions. We
>>>> have a scripting chapter, which we could link to. Does section 15.2.1
>>>> "Script Processing" not describe the processing well enough? I think
>>>> it's rather clear from that section that if you have two separate
>>>> script elements they will execute once each, even if the referenced
>>>> script is the same IRI (and I can't help but wonder if this is really
>>>> such a large issue, since IMHO it doesn't provide an author much value
>>>> in running the same script snippet twice anyway). I'd guess that if
>>>> you find this type of content then it's most likely an authoring
>>>> mistake.
>>> I agree with Erik that I don’t think it’s necessary to say anything more
>>> about scripting here beyond what already is.
>> I understand and my initial comment is satisfied. Thank you.
> Thanks for your reply.  I've marked the issue as closed, and noted your
> satisfaction.
> Just to give you a little more context, at the TPAC, we discussed this
> issue in more detail, especially in light of Cameron's experiments with
> script execution.
> While superficially similar to resource documents, such as SVG files or
> media files, script files are not the same kind of resource.  The
> similarity ends with the fact that they are referenced resources.
> The main distinction is that the resource documents described in this
> section are intended as presentation formats, not executing code.
> Historically, browsers have treated these differently... it could have
> happened that there would have been a single cohesive model, but it
> didn't turn out that way.
> The line is blurry when the external document is something like a CSS
> file or SMIL Timesheets file... it may be a good idea to look further at
> those in SVG 2.0 Core, and reorganize the spec to talk about all
> externally reference resources.  Thanks for bringing up the topic.
Thanks for this clarification, knowing the context indeed helps understanding the decision.


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