Re: ISSUE-2147 (external-refs confusing): Section on externally referenced documents confusing [Last Call: SVG 1.2 Tiny]

Hi, Cyril-

Cyril Concolato wrote (on 10/31/08 7:13 AM):
> Cameron McCormack a écrit :
>>>>> References to any other kinds of document, such as media or external
>>>>> scripts, are not classified as primary or resource documents. Multiple
>>>>> references to media at a particular IRI always result in separate
>>>>> timelines being created.
>>>> This last part is also fine but you have a sentence explaining
>>>> the behavior for media. You should explicitely say what happens for
>>>> script. It may use a reference to HTML if you think it's better.
>>> I don't think this section is appropriate for such definitions. We
>>> have a scripting chapter, which we could link to. Does section 15.2.1
>>> "Script Processing" not describe the processing well enough? I think
>>> it's rather clear from that section that if you have two separate
>>> script elements they will execute once each, even if the referenced
>>> script is the same IRI (and I can't help but wonder if this is really
>>> such a large issue, since IMHO it doesn't provide an author much value
>>> in running the same script snippet twice anyway). I'd guess that if
>>> you find this type of content then it's most likely an authoring
>>> mistake.
>> I agree with Erik that I don’t think it’s necessary to say anything more
>> about scripting here beyond what already is.
> I understand and my initial comment is satisfied. Thank you.

Thanks for your reply.  I've marked the issue as closed, and noted your

Just to give you a little more context, at the TPAC, we discussed this
issue in more detail, especially in light of Cameron's experiments with
script execution.

While superficially similar to resource documents, such as SVG files or
media files, script files are not the same kind of resource.  The
similarity ends with the fact that they are referenced resources.

The main distinction is that the resource documents described in this
section are intended as presentation formats, not executing code.
Historically, browsers have treated these differently... it could have
happened that there would have been a single cohesive model, but it
didn't turn out that way.

The line is blurry when the external document is something like a CSS
file or SMIL Timesheets file... it may be a good idea to look further at
those in SVG 2.0 Core, and reorganize the spec to talk about all
externally reference resources.  Thanks for bringing up the topic.


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