Executing multiply-referenced external scripts only once

Cyril Concolato:
> >  - What about externally referenced scripts ? 
> Here I just want to clarify that if two scripts in the same scripting
> context point to the same script file, then the script is loaded only
> once. I propose the following sentence:
> "Similarly to resource documents, in the case of multiple references,
> in the same scripting context, to the same external script file, the
> script file is processed once."

Actually, I disagree with this behaviour.  In Opera, Firefox and Batik,
two references to the same external script will result in the script
being run twice, which is what the HTML behaviour is.  Here’s a test:


The document alerts the number of times the external script was

Mobile implementors: could you say what your implementations do on the
above test?



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Received on Wednesday, 22 October 2008 03:45:51 UTC