SVGT12 testsuite review

Hello svg-wg,

here are my comments on the 1.2T testsuite release:

Questions about test correctness:

    - Looks like the font-size on the text-area is 18 but it should be a smaller size in order for the text to be placed correctly on the blue lines.

    - When the test is included in a frame (<object> element) the width and height will be overridden by the user agent, at least for Opera 9.5 and FF3.

    - The alphabet a-j is too wide to fit in the textArea, and since we don't mandate forced word-breaking I suggest that it's split in two words.
    - The bottom-rightmost subtest assumes that the <use> does render even when it was a circular reference, is that mandated? That is: is it valid to not render the <use> at all (and thus not show the use:d rect)? I think the pass criteria needs to be a bit more loose on that subtest, like the other circular reference tests.

    - The listener elements are listening to the wrong events. They should be listening for "DOMFocusIn" and "DOMFocusOut".

    - Should be removed, there's no GlobalException interface anymore.

Invalid reference image:

    - Should show 90% of regular size, and care should be taken that the reference isn't stretched by the UA (e.g by making a patch image that has some whitespace).

  shapes-rect-01-t.svg (compare reference with 1.1):

    - The leaf should have yellow viewport-fill according to pass criteria.

    - Should show the rect opaque on top of the star since that's the final stage of the animation.

    - According to testcase description: "Left bottom; square with green transparent fill with an overlapping circle with a blue transparent fill."

    - All of the 'defer' cases are incorrect in the reference image according to the description.

    - The purple rect should be to the right.

Other minor issues:

    - the link there is a 404, is that intentional?

    - the go back link is broken if you click on the second string there, it should link back to the svggen directory, right?

    - The image "../images/earth.jpg" is missing

    - This test is different from the 1.1 test, because it doesn't listen for the SVGLoad event.

    - Would prefer if it used SVGLoad instead of load.

Wrong revision number in reference image:

  All the media-video-* tests

  Most of the media-audio-* tests

  Most of the media-anim-* tests

  All of the media-alevel-* tests

  (...and many others)


Erik Dahlstrom, Core Technology Developer, Opera Software
Co-Chair, W3C SVG Working Group
Personal blog:

Received on Tuesday, 23 September 2008 14:02:05 UTC