Re: New Publication of the SVG Tiny 1.2 Test Suite

On Thursday, September 18, 2008, 3:33:10 PM, Alex wrote:

AD> Hi All,

AD>         In the published archive, the following videos bloat the download
AD> and are not referenced:

AD> * image/clock.mp4
AD> * image/CNN.3gp
AD> * image/heroesLanding.3gp

Good catch - I think those were used in earlier tests and in at least two cases were removed because the license to use the clip was unclear.

I have cvs removed them in the development cvs base so they will not be there in future releases.

AD>         In the HTML embed harness (and probably the other ones), the reference
AD> to 'udom-svg-202-t' breaks. The test is not there (presumably not approved),
AD> but the navigation through the tests fails as a result.

We will look into it.

AD>         Also, as a general observation (confirming DOH's comment about the
AD> file permissions), the archive isn't normal 'tar' compliant. It appears to
AD> have been built under a Windows or similar Cygwin installation and relies
AD> on GNU tar. Unpacking on generic UNIX systems fails. You need to use GNU
AD> tools to unpack it. The Gzip is fine, since most systems support it, but
AD> vanilla UNIX tar or the 'ksh' AT&T environment under Windows can't unpack it.

I think a zip archive would be better for this.

(Winrar unpacks it, so I hadn't noticed a problem).

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