Re: Publishing SVG 1.2 Tiny

On Saturday, September 13, 2008, 8:28:06 AM, Doug wrote:

DS> Looking though the email archives, I can't find an explicit resolution
DS> for us to publish the spec as a Last Call WD.  Just for the sake of
DS> having something to point to easily, can I please get a hearty Aye! from
DS> any and all of you, particularly with a follow-up resolution by one of
DS> the chairs?

DS> Failing that (it is the weekend), I will take silence as consent, given
DS> that this is what we've been working our fingers to the bone on for nigh
DS> on 3 years.

Its odd that we don't have a resolution; but the plan for publishing as Last Call has been discussed on several recent telcons.

Anyway a 'hearty Aye!' with a side order of 'well, duh' from me.

 Chris Lilley          
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