Re: Closing ACTION-2099

On Tuesday, September 9, 2008, 2:36:21 PM, Cameron wrote:

CM> Chris Lilley:
>>  ACTION-2099
>> Review the corrections to the mistakes in the attribute index and
>> report back

>> I reviewed the appendix - particularly wrt the schema - and did not
>> see any issues that needed correcting for publication.

>> It would be *nice* but not required, to change the values on
>> properties so that 'inherit' came in a consistent position in the list
>> (eg, last) but that is an editorial matter.

CM> Done.

>> It would be good for the attribute names in the table to be linked
>> to the corresponding section of the document, like properties are. I
>> understand the attribute appendix is auto generated; where is the raw
>> data stored? i wouldn't mind updating it so the attribute appendix has
>> links to the definitions. Again, this is an editorial nicety and is
>> not required for publication.

CM> There isn’t a file mapping attribute names to spec location. 

I know. I was offering to create one, as long as someone else modified the perl to use that table.

CM>  There’s
CM> master/elements.txt and master/properties.txt for element and property
CM> definition links.  Someone could make one for the attributes, but this’d
CM> need to map (element, attribute) pairs to spec location (possibly with a
CM> wildcard for the element, to handle common attributes).

That would be awkward, for an attribute table (lots of links). In general i think we have tried to consolidate discussion of a given attribute so I planned to link to that discussion.

CM> Chris Lilley:
>> Of course, as soon as I sent that, i saw that id is listed twice, as
>> ID and as NCName. The two entries should be combined. It should say,
>> for the type

>> <ID> | <NCName>

>> and the attribute name should link to the definition, at
>> struct.html#idAttrs

CM> I wonder if the way id/xml:id is defined in the schema is related to
CM> ISSUE-2009?

I think the first error he reported was an error in his implementation, which seemed not to like redefinitions. The second one is genuine, but refers to the NVDL and we are talking with a couple of NVDL experts to fix this.

CM>   Anyway, I’ve special cased id in the table generation
CM> script so it comes out as one line.


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