Closing ACTION-2099

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Review the corrections to the mistakes in the attribute index and report back

I reviewed the appendix - particularly wrt the schema -  and did not see any issues that needed correcting for publication.

It would be *nice* but not required, to change the values on properties so that 'inherit' came in a consistent position in the list (eg, last) but that is an editorial matter.

It would be good for the attribute names in the table to be linked to the corresponding section of the document, like properties are. I understand the attribute appendix is auto generated; where is the raw data stored? i wouldn't mind updating it so the attribute appendix has links to the definitions. Again, this is an editorial nicety and is not required for publication.

 Chris Lilley          
 Technical Director, Interaction Domain
 W3C Graphics Activity Lead
 Co-Chair, W3C Hypertext CG

Received on Tuesday, 9 September 2008 10:06:32 UTC