My part of the DOM 2 Events migration done

I’ve finished doing my ACTION-2156 for the migration to DOM 2 Events.
In the event table in interact.html from the entries for the events
we’re taking from D3E I’ve linked to the sections below (“Text events”,
“Key events” and a newly introduced subsection “Mouse wheel events”), so
Doug I suggest you place some of the imported text describing those
events there.  (If you decide to leave all of the event description text
in the IDD, then you can remove that “Mouse wheel events” subsection and
change the links in the table to refer to the relevant uDOM sections.)

The following places in the spec I haven’t fixed the references to D3E

  * In animate.html, there’s a link to the keyboard identifier appendix
    of D3E, so that needs to be updated to our appendix when it’s added.

  * The descriptions of the MouseWheelEvent, TextEvent and KeyboardEvent
    interfaces and their members still refer/link to D3E.  (There are
    also some links in the uDOM appendix to D3E in comments that I
    didn’t change.)

Doug, I have already removed EventTarget::addEventListenerNS,
EventTarget::removeEventListenerNS and Event::namespaceURI from the IDL
and IDD.  Note that I left in Event::defaultPrevented, although I think
we didn’t discuss this at the F2F, and I copied over the description
from D3E.  (This is because some of the test suite uses this, so I
assume we want to keep it.)

One of the changes I made was in text.html, where it says:

  When editing text in a text field, all text and key events are
  dispatched to the SVG user agent, which processes the events for
  proper handling of text entry.

That sounds a bit dodgy, since the UA isn’t really an EventTarget.
Should it say that the UA will not dispatched events to the text element
and will just handle the editing itself?  If so, then I’ll make that
change.  (Although that seems to be at odds with how <input> elements
work in HTML, where you can preventDefault() the keyboard events to
stop them resulting in text being inserted into the field, but perhaps
that is too much of a change now. (Although it isn’t tested.))

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Sunday, 7 September 2008 08:39:10 UTC