Review of script-handler-201-t.svg and script-handler-202.svg

Hello WG,


In general I agree that a handler should function in the same way as a
JavaScript function.

Script-handler-202 - Is OK


I think there is an error in Script-handler-201. On line 86 the
xlink:href of the handler h2 is changed and the test assumes it to be
executed. According to Cameron's email and the specification, changing
the xlink:href of a script or handler element shall have no effect.


Also line 114 in script-handler-201 should say "pass4.textContent =
"pass(4);"" and not "pass4.textContent = "pass4();"".







We have problems with handler, the first test fails because "this" is
not what it is supposed to be. The second test is erroneous, on line 86
the localName sent into setAttributeNS(...) should be "href", not
"xlink:href", also, there is no requirement to load or run a script if
the xlink:href attribute is altered, see section 15.2.1 in the
spec("Altering the xlink:href on a script element in the DOM tree has no
effect; loading of the referenced resource is not required, it must not
be added to the scripting context and a load event must not be raised,
even if the initial script-content had not been made fully available for
execution."). The third test fails because we seem to have some problems
having both a handler as a child element and an xlink:href. The fourth
test is slightly erroneous, on line 114 it should say "pass(4)", not
"pass4()". We still fail because we seem not to handle the SVGLoad event
correctly and we do not run handlers scripted into the DOM.


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