Re: Minutes, SVG telcon Thursday 14 August 2008

Hi, Alexander- wrote (on 8/14/08 8:55 AM):
> Hi!,
> Just a side-note: 
> - The F2F takes place at the same hotel where the SVG Open is located 
>    in the room called "Adam Kraft"

Okay, noted in the wiki.

> - Video Projector is not available as of now as it will cost around 
>   €1000 for one day, so please tell if a projector is *really* required

Traditionally, we do use them, but not for the whole F2F... I guess we 
can make do without one, but it's unfortunate.

Doesn't your company have one you could supply?  When we first talked 
about you hosting the F2F, I thought you said it would be at your offices.

€1000 is a ridiculous price... we could buy one for much less than that.

> - Internet connection is available but only 3 slots at a time (wlan accounts)

This is a problem.  I'll bring my wifi router, but I can't guarantee it 
will work well.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, WebApps, SVG, and CDF

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