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Hi Cameron,

During the marathon telcon today I was working on my uDOM actions and needed to re-publish. I could not get the script to work under windows and cygwin. Have you tried these tools on a windows machine? Do you have any configuration tips?


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> Subject: SVG Tiny 1.2 spec now in public CVS
> Anthony kindly agreed to give me his ACTION-2002 to look at migrating
> the SVG Tiny 1.2 spec over to the public CVS repository, which is now
> done.  Here is a summary of what is now where.
> I have reworked the various scripts that were used to generate parts of
> the document so that only one script invocation is required to publish
> the whole spec.  The scripts are in, but
> you shouldn’t need to invoke them directly from there.  In the 1.2T
> master directory ( there is
> a Makefile that you can run (just by typing “make” when you’re in that
> directory) that will run the publication script.  Due to the use of
> makefiles, incremental builds can now be done, so after your first
> invocation of make, making changes to one of the chapters, the IDL or
> the RelaxNG schema will cause only those chapters to be rebuilt that
> need to be.
> Publication is now configured in the publish.conf file that is in the
> master/ directory.  The list of chapters and appendices that controlled
> the old scripts in chapters.xml is now a couple of entries in
> publish.conf.  There are some options in this file that if changed,
> won’t do anything nice (e.g. changing MULTI_CHAPTER to “false”) until I
> get around to making the scripts work for the modules.  The
> publish.conf
> is set up correctly for the 1.2T spec.
> All of the source files for the spec are now in master/, instead of
> IDL/IDD/schema being all over the shop.  Also, no generated files in
> master/ are in the repository (and I think it would be best to keep it
> that way), though the generated files in publish/ are of course checked
> in.  There’s a .cvsignore file in master/ that lists the generated
> files
> that are in master/ (though it doesn’t list the generated files in
> master/rng/, since that directory has a mix of generated and
> non-generated files).
> I encourage people to commit the new publish/ files each time they
> change the master/ sources.
> I have renamed a couple of files, too:
>   ▪ svgudomheader.txt and udomidlheader.txt have become
>     svgudom-header.txt and svgudomidl-header.txt in the master/
>     directory, for consistency with the chapter filenames they are
>     headers for.
>   ▪ elementTable.html and attributeTable.html from the old
>     tools/makeTables.templates directory are now called
>     elementTable-template.html and attributeTable-template.html
>     in master/.
> The RelaxNG schema files that used to live in relaxng/Tiny-1.2-NG/ in
> the old repository are now in master/relaxng/.  Those are the ones to
> edit if you want to change the schema.  Running make will then update
> the generated snippets in master/rng/, which are the ones that are
> included in the spec chapters.
> Requirements for running the publication script: GNU make, libxml2,
> perl, the perl XML::LibXML module, java (for the IDL stuff), xmllint,
> xsltproc and rsync.  That should be a subset of what was required
> before.  Some of those probably could be cut down, given enough work.
> I haven’t tried running the scripts under cygwin, but I don’t think
> there’s anything there that should confuse it.
> One small problem is that there’s an issue with the CVS server on
> at the moment, where the automatic checkout to
> isn’t being performed completely.  It seems to
> get stuck at some of the example/image files under
> /SVG/profiles/1.2T/publish, so for the time being some of the images in
> the spec may be missing when you view it.  The systeam are looking at
> this.
> We should all start using the public repository for 1.2T now.  If you
> have some changes to the 1.2T spec in your old repository working copy
> that you haven’t committed yet, you’ll have to cvs diff those and apply
> them to the files in the new repository.
> Do let me know if you encounter problems.
> Thanks,
> Cameron
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> Cameron McCormack ≝

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