Re: a SVGIG presentation at SVG Open?

Hi Ruud,

> I was thinking the SVG IG should at SVG Open do a SVG IG / Planet SVG /
> general SVG community / "HOW to speed up SVG becoming really big" kind of
> presentation?
> Any inspiration or other thoughts?

Well, if I had the chance I would have submitted an abstract to SVG
Open 2009 on "SVG tips and tricks" or similar, as IMO one of the best
things to speed up a technology deployment is spreading knowledge on
how to do common things. This is not "SVG wow" as no relevant eye
candy is usually achieved, just clever ways of using a technology
and/or integrating it into or with other technologies. Unfortunately
I've been busy in the weeks that preceded the abstract submission (and
didn't even checked with my supervisors nor potential co-authors for
support) so this will likely be made through blog posts or in an
upcoming SVG Open... :-)

Also, the speeding up can be achieved though helping IE to support
SVG, but this subject is already receiving increased buzz lately (new
stuff such as svgweb and the Ssrc SVG plug-in), which are probably (?)
already being covered in the conference. This is somehow related with
the above (tricks in order to enable IE), but can also be seen as a
somehow separated subject. ;-)

> Ruud


Received on Tuesday, 9 June 2009 12:12:17 UTC