Minutes: SVG IG Conf Call: Tues June 2nd

Hi, Folks-

Here are some patched-together minutes from the telcon:

chair: JeffSchiller

scribeNick: Rob_Russell: scribing

HelderMagalhaes: ddailey, as the conference is still being setup, quick 
question: is the XSLT section of the book already on-line for review?

Rob_Russell: agenda for today svg in ie issue, website updates, svg book 

Rob_Russell: etc

ddailey: helder: no

ddailey: next week i hope

Topic: svg in internet explorer

an: received email looking for svg plugin using mozilla to display svg 
in ie. looks fine but has some glitches

JeffSchiller: Daniel Savarese

HelderMagalhaes: Yeah, I've done a set of quick experiments and have a 
few bugs to report

an: some issues with embed, only takes full url, not relative. looks 
like most promising solution right now though

HelderMagalhaes: but the idea seems fine

HelderMagalhaes: Rob_Russell: two of them are in resumed in your 
sentence  That's why I've already asked for a bug tracker...

jeffschiller: challenging to get the community to rally around one 
solution. personally favour the svg in flash option (svgweb). perhaps we 
could endorse the two as the preferred ways to do svg in ie

an: we have the svg in ie wiki page, we should continure from there and 
ask Daniel to come on the call and talk more about it. he said he could 
do webkit or mozilla

jeffschiller: sounds like webkit way would be more difficult. the 
mozilla approach may be most realistic

JeffSchiller: plugin is available here: 

an: i tested on some of my more complex examples. the svg part was okay, 
looks like in firefox

jeffschiller: good because firefox is probably the broadest deployed svg 
implementation so this helps authors who target that platform

jeffschiller: it would be good if he could talk at the svgopen

jeffschiller: maybe andreas could write something on planetsvg about it?

an: if it's good then we should put some resources behind it

shepazu: i think svgweb (Flash) is the one to bank on. It's hard to get 
people to install another plugin. Google is behind svgweb and google has 

an: as far as I know svgweb doesn't support complex svg applications

HelderMagalhaes: (would avoid the install burden whenever a JVM is 

shepazu: that could be. maybe we could promote this through google as 
well? don't think people install a plugin from a source that's not 

jeffschiller: svgweb seems to be a good solution for static images. 
maybe the mozilla plugin is better for complex apps

HelderMagalhaes: an: my tests with svgweb showed it's OK for static, but 
(at least for now) not for RIA-like SVG apps.

shepazu: even if they started today, ie wouldn't have svg deployed for 
at least 2 years

jeffschiller: if JWatt and Robert Longston (sp) could get involved maybe 
we could get mozilla behind promoting this

HelderMagalhaes: shepazu: I'm thinking about starting an(other) SVG in 
IE blog... What do people feel?

JeffSchiller: Helder: what do you mean by 'blog' ?

shepazu: s/shepazu: I'm thinking/shepazu, I'm thinking/

gwadej: contacting Daniel to get him to promote this at the open would 
be a good way to get the plugin better-known at least in the svg community

HelderMagalhaes: a bit like a corner where to put IE-related stuff.. 
Probably most will be IE/MS ramblings and links to planetSVG on how to 
deploy SVG in IE

jeffschiller: will start a thread on the mailing list to try to get 
Robert & Jonathan involved

HelderMagalhaes: sorry shepazu, I'm not in telcon, I'll try to learn 
how-to off-meeting...

Topic: SVG Open 2009

jeffschiller: we had a small meeting, doug, rob russell, dstorey last 
week at google. brad showed us around. big list of action items. we 
looked at the computer history museum where we'd like to hold the dinner 

shepazu: was contacted by events people at CHM who asked if we wanted to 
hold the event there still, need to get in touch about having just the 
dinner event

jeffschiller: there are several things to follow up on for brad, rob, 
doug & brad

an: we have a lot of reviewing to do. looks like 8-10 sessions to review 
for each person. if we have more people we can spread it out more

jeffschiller: 8-10 to review by end of month isn't bad

stelt: there are 2 abstracts that came in late

an: will assign them, there will be a couple more coming in over the 
next few days

an: if someone has something really cool then we can still look at it

shepazu: brad, jeff, rob & myself met patrick chenazon. he seemed very 
positive about svg. Patrick and another of his employees are speaking at 
JavaOne about svg. They'll be announcing the SVG Open in their presentation

david: q for shepazu about hotels, i'm also making calls. we shouldn't 

shepazu: will forward all the hotel stuff along

shepazu: good to have email since we can track it better. best i've seen 
is a sheraton, $89-$109. free shuttle, free wifi

stelt: vincent hardy from oracle is looking into hosting workshops at 
one of their buildings

Zakim: -Shepazu

david: we might be able to get a group rate at a hotel and that could 
get us a conference room for a discounted rate

an: if nothing else comes through then a seminar room at a hotel might 
be a good option

stelt: the IBM sponsorship is going through their financial department

jeffschiller: i followed up with samsung and they're still working on it

an: they may need a sponsorship agreement, stelt can send the same one 
as was sent to IBM

Topic: the book

david: not sure if the table of contents is fixed. hyperlinks in ToC are 

david: important to get volunteers to work on specific chapters. might 
be good to do via email

ddailey: http://srufaculty.sru.edu/david.dailey/cs427/StateOfArt-Dailey.html

ddailey: that one with toc

ddailey: http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/IG/resources/svgprimer.html

ddailey: if someone wants to volunteer then they can choose a chapter to 
review and mention it on the mailing list (or on the call)

gwadej: eeww

ddailey: homesite is good too

jeffschiller: can sort out linking issue with doug, but which is current?

ddailey: the stylesheets at sru look better but the version at w3c has 
better html (to standards), the text is the same

HelderMagalhaes: ddailey, I'm trying to slowly review the whole text, 
but sending the tiny things by email is just too much overhead for a 
bunch of typos and minor incoherences...

ddailey: if we had people from the Interest Group and possibly the 
Working Group if they have time to do review & submit changes

an: are we looking for reviewers or new chapters primarily?

gwadej: @shepazu, I remember spending a lot of time cleaning out Word's 

ddailey: at the end of the document there's a section on future 
directions where people can expand. Currently we need to get the text of 
the existing document correct

shepazu: I am happy to review a section of the document

rob_russell: there are 7 chapters, so we only need 7 people

ddailey: what needs to be written: 

HelderMagalhaes: I have already reviewed up to chapter IV, but was 
waiting for SVN or another control version system to submit the tiny 
stuff... Ideas?

Topic: PlanetSVG.com

jeffschiller: Doug, Rob & I get together once a week and hack on 
improving the site. Doug added a web-based irc client. I've been working 
on adding Scour on the web. Rob is reorganizing the front page.

shepazu: I also added the MIME Type checker

rob_russell: anyone that knows drupal or php is welcome to help with 
better-integrating the tools we're using. ask on the list if you want to 
join us

HelderMagalhaes: What about svg.org? I've noticed a tiny update lately 
(probably only CSS). Is it something else going on or was it just an 
isolated update?

Topic: Current events

ddailey: there's an ongoing public debate about RDF and ARIA in HTML. 
some people have brought up SVG and how it relates with these other 

stelt: doug put in an abstract on the accessibility subject

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