Re: Another draft of SVG book: Draft 2.0

Hi David et. al.,

> I think a global replace of "StateOfArt-Dailey.html#" by "svgprimer.html#" ought to fix that.

Simply removing the document name ("StateOfArt-Dailey.html", just
leaving the link hashes) will make it even more URI-friendly and
easier to maintain. ;-)

> BTW, Shawn Roe's section on XSLT has arrived -- I recall Helder also shares an interest in that.

Yes I do, just lost the SVG-IG meeting while distracted with

I'll wait for that section to be published and try to catch up then
(much of the book yet to be read). ;-)

> Thanks again for your work Doug. It looks like Helder's most recent comments will have to go into draft three.

Fair to me, trying to catch a few more while in my (very slow, lately)
reading. :-)

> Cheers
> David


Received on Tuesday, 26 May 2009 20:42:29 UTC