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Re: Proposed SVG IG Conf Call: Tues May 26th

From: G. Wade Johnson <gwadej@anomaly.org>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 14:56:07 -0500
To: SVG IG List <public-svg-ig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20090526145607.350fb0d7@sovvan>
The following is a dump of the minutes from the SVG IG Conference call
on Tuesday, May 26.

ddailey, gwadej, an, stelt, shepazu

(01:05:06 PM) Zakim: ok, shepazu; conference Team_(svgig)18:05Z
scheduled with code 26631 (CONF1) for 60 minutes until 1905Z
(01:05:55 PM) Zakim: Team_(svgig)18:05Z has now started (01:06:03 PM)
Zakim: + +1.713.851.aaaa
(01:06:07 PM) Zakim: + +1.724.636.aabb
(01:06:53 PM) ***shepazu Zakim, call shepazu 
(01:06:53 PM) ***Zakim ok, shepazu; the call is being made
(01:06:55 PM) Zakim: +Shepazu
(01:07:42 PM) stelt: still not valid
(01:08:19 PM) Zakim: +Andreas_Neumann
(01:08:33 PM) shepazu: http://www.planetsvg.com/tools/mime.php
(01:08:56 PM) shepazu: stelt, are you using the right conf code? 26631
(01:08:57 PM) an: stelt you have to use 26631 as passcode
(01:09:22 PM) stelt: update wiki acc. ?
(01:09:59 PM) Zakim: + +31.74.349.aacc
(01:11:20 PM) shepazu: Zakim, who's here?
(01:11:20 PM) Zakim: On the phone I see +1.713.851.aaaa,
+1.724.636.aabb, Shepazu, Andreas_Neumann, +31.74.349.aacc
(01:11:22 PM) Zakim: On IRC I see ddailey, gwadej, an, stelt, shepazu,
(01:11:38 PM) shepazu: Zakim, 1.713.851.aaaa is gwadej
(01:11:38 PM) Zakim: sorry, shepazu, I do not recognize a party named
(01:11:44 PM) gwadej: zakim aaaa is gwadej
(01:12:00 PM) gwadej: zakim, aaaa is gwadej
(01:12:00 PM) Zakim: +gwadej; got it
(01:12:18 PM) shepazu: Zakim, aabb is ddailey
(01:12:18 PM) Zakim: +ddailey; got it
(01:12:32 PM) shepazu: Zakim, aacc is stelt 
(01:12:32 PM) Zakim: +stelt; got it
(01:13:20 PM) gwadej: scribe nick: gwadej
(01:13:30 PM) shepazu: scribenick: gwadej
(01:13:52 PM) stelt: tuxtype
(01:15:25 PM) gwadej: SVG Open: things are progressing
(01:15:59 PM) gwadej: contacting people that doing things to be
represented and asking for papers.
(01:16:09 PM) stelt:
(01:16:19 PM) gwadej: Set up pledgie account for sponsoring people.
(01:16:23 PM) stelt: minutes of yesterday
(01:17:14 PM) gwadej: Need to set a pledgie goal based on who we want
to cover.
(01:17:28 PM) gwadej: Topic: the SVG primer book
(01:17:48 PM) gwadej: ddailey: Need to fix TOC
(01:18:36 PM) gwadej: shepazu: If marked up with headings, we can
extract the TOC automatically.
(01:20:29 PM) gwadej: ddailey: Headers are in reasonably good shape. May
need a bit of cleanup.
(01:21:13 PM) gwadej: shepazu: Images issue, SVG images
should not be in-line, but should be available
(01:21:58 PM) gwadej: ddailey: has repository and is generating the
linking. Needs some resolution.
(01:22:41 PM) gwadej: ddailey: images need moving.
(01:23:56 PM) gwadej: Topic: PlanetSVG
(01:24:31 PM) gwadej: shepazu: Thursday nights hackfest, stuff being
done then.
(01:24:55 PM) gwadej: ..rob is doing most of the work. he's the Drupal
(01:24:58 PM) stelt: what time?
(01:25:27 PM) gwadej: shepazu: provided mime-type checker.
(01:26:02 PM) gwadej: shepazu: checks mime-type and shows exactly how
to fix it for your system.
(01:26:06 PM) stelt: link to w3c validator maybe?
(01:26:33 PM) gwadej: ... set up IRC client for freenode channel
(01:27:08 PM) gwadej: ... initiate channel tracker
(01:27:25 PM) gwadej: ... maybe planetsvg channel on freenode?
(01:27:50 PM) gwadej: shepazu: Jeff S. was working on a web interface
for scour.
(01:28:14 PM) gwadej: ... Rob is working on a new front page
for PlanetSVG, better navigation.
(01:29:12 PM) gwadej: ... (describe restructuring)
(01:30:00 PM) gwadej: stelt: what is time of Thu hacking, so people can
join if they like.
(01:30:10 PM) gwadej: stelt: link to W3C validator.
(01:31:02 PM) gwadej: 9:30pm Boston time - 2am.
(01:31:11 PM) gwadej: ... for hack time.
(01:31:45 PM) gwadej: shepazu: just hacking not really structured
(01:31:54 PM) gwadej: ... contact Jeff if you want to join.
(01:32:32 PM) gwadej: ... others are free to hack on PlanetSVG if they
would like.
(01:32:47 PM) gwadej: ... maybe well along in the next 2-3 weeks.
(01:33:13 PM) gwadej: Google I/O conference this week
(01:33:23 PM) gwadej: Taking a look at the facilities and such.
(01:33:47 PM) gwadej: an: can you take some pictures that we can post
to help see venue.
(01:34:13 PM) gwadej: an: Archive format
(01:34:48 PM) gwadej: ... SVG and related files as a single archive,
(01:35:37 PM) gwadej: shepazu: Widgets spec?
(01:36:21 PM) gwadej: Widgets work on the desktop or in the browser?
(01:37:46 PM) gwadej: shepazu: will talk to the widgets people
(01:37:55 PM) gwadej: Topic: libraries
(01:38:40 PM) gwadej: an: software for rendering SVG, not consistent
and maybe SVG IG can suggest better quality of libraries.
(01:38:48 PM) stelt: add those libraries to Jeff's tests?
(01:39:31 PM) gwadej: shepazu: PlanetSVG can have a summary of
implementations and show them the problems.
(01:40:38 PM) gwadej: an: not much incentive to fix old features,
(01:41:02 PM) gwadej: shepazu: certification is a tricky issue
(01:41:15 PM) gwadej: stelt: start from Jeff's tests?
(01:41:35 PM) gwadej: shepazu: not really a conformance test, need some
real-world tests.
(01:41:53 PM) gwadej: ... we talked about in the form of torture tests.
(01:42:15 PM) gwadej: ... maybe someone could start
writing these.
(01:42:48 PM) gwadej: an: start writing tests and list what viewers
that doesn't work with.
(01:43:01 PM) gwadej: ddailey: start with the examples from the book.
(01:43:53 PM) gwadej: shepazu: implementation matrix is a good idea,
but not in the book.
(01:44:22 PM) gwadej: ... Maybe from the W3C validator, specify which
viewers won't display.
(01:44:31 PM) stelt: have related bug numbers
(01:49:30 PM) gwadej: Input on the SVG Challenge site.
(01:49:56 PM) gwadej: shepazu: we've talked about a gallery.
(01:50:34 PM) gwadej: ddailey: maybe separate for now, and link in
(01:52:02 PM) gwadej: sheapzu: would prefer more focus on one
site, rather than several sites.
(01:52:21 PM) gwadej: ... maybe track down other Drupal programmers.
(01:53:16 PM) gwadej: ... to help PlanetSVG, migrate stuff from the
Wiki to PlanetSVG.

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