Re: svg accessibility tests

On 03/04/2016 01:58 PM, Fred Esch wrote:
> Joanie,
> I understand what you are saying but I don't interpret it the same way.
> My interpretation is that if the current node can calculate the needed
> value without visiting a node already visited in the calculation chain,
> it should calculate and use the value. In my opinion, the only condition
> that needs worrying about is getting stuck in recursion. In the case we
> have you don't get stuck in a recursive loop.
> I can put it on the agenda for the SVG a11y TF, but this is really an
> ARIA question. Do we have clear guidance on this?

Apparently we need some. :)

In chatting with Joseph (again) about this, he pointed out this thread:

Also, it seems that WebKit and Gecko do not agree with your
interpretation in this regard. So.... If you feel strongly that your
interpretation is correct, then we probably need different language in
the AccName spec, perhaps changing:

   the current node is not already part of an aria-labelledby traversal


   the current node was not already visited in this calculation

Until such a change has been made, I sincerely doubt I'd be permitted to
change the WebKit code away from its current behavior to do what your
test expectations claim is correct.

With apologies.

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