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SPARQL By Example presentation available Lee Feigenbaum (Thursday, 18 September)

Berlin SPARQL Benchmark V2 - Results for Sesame, Virtuoso, Jena TDB, D2R Server, and MySQL Chris Bizer (Wednesday, 17 September)

"Data warehousing" using linked data Jason Kolb (Tuesday, 16 September)

SPARQL query - Construct Ricardo Almeida (Tuesday, 9 September)

rdf in xproc Paul Tyson (Friday, 22 August)

soliciting your favorite (public) SPARQL queries! Lee Feigenbaum (Thursday, 21 August)

'standardizing' on one or more predicates for text search in SPARQL? Lee Feigenbaum (Saturday, 16 August)

SPARQL endpoint in Python Steve Cassidy (Wednesday, 13 August)

TDB results for the Berlin SPARQL Benchmark Seaborne, Andy (Monday, 11 August)

WebDAV search Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 6 August)

RFC: Berlin SPARQL Benchmark Chris Bizer (Wednesday, 30 July)

blank nodes search (Tuesday, 29 July)

Re: Mulgara and sameTerm James Leigh (Tuesday, 29 July)

Using SELECT instead ASK (Wednesday, 23 July)

SPARQL specification inconsistency Nuutti Kotivuori (Saturday, 5 July)

SPARQL and string literal matching woes - spec inconclusive - try 2 Nuutti Kotivuori (Saturday, 5 July)

SPARQL and literal matching woes - spec inconclusive Nuutti Kotivuori (Saturday, 5 July)

SPOG, a simple convention for graph exchange Benjamin Nowack (Thursday, 3 July)

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