Re: Solid: An Explainer

FWIW, I request that the language regarding 'privacy' be broader than 
'access to data'. See suggestions below.

On 23/11/2023 09:31, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
> *Data Management with Solid*
> Solid enables users to store their personal data in online data stores, 
> known as Pods. These Pods are controlled entirely by the user, who can 
> grant or revoke access to applications as desired. This separation of 
> data from applications allows for greater user autonomy over their 
> personal information.

1) "These Pod are controlled entirely by the user" - What about cases 
where Solid Pods are 'provided' to the user with ability to manage data 
but NOT manage the pod or move it to a different provider etc. Or cases 
where data may not be under the user's control i.e. they can access it 
but cannot manage it or only can approve specific applications and not 
others. Should such cases not be called 'Solid'?

2) "who can grant or revoke access to applications" - Pods are about 
controlling/managing data and the language should reflect this. E.g. 
"who can control the storing and usage of data by applications". By not 
using the line 'grant or revoke access' I am avoiding reducing autonomy 
to take it or leave it type situations based on solely on 

>       Security and Privacy in Solid
> *Data Control and Privacy*
> One of Solid's key features is its emphasis on user-controlled data 
> privacy. Users have the authority to manage who can access their data, 
> enhancing privacy and data security on the web.

Same as above, "users have the authority to manage who can access and 
how it will be used and shared with others..." - the "how it will be 
used and shared with others" is the key part to not just stop at having 
access to data but also managing the who and why aspects of it being used.

Harshvardhan J. Pandit, Ph.D
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ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University

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