Re: Social API layers

On 14-10-28 02:16 PM, Erik Wilde wrote:
> hello evan.
> On 2014-10-28, 13:07, Evan Prodromou wrote:
>> I posted today on the wiki a diagram that outlines my thinking about the
>> social API.
> i like it a lot when i look at it as a series of resources you want to
> expose, in increasing layers of rich functionalities.
> what i don't like as much is all these hard-coded URI paths. it would
> be great to focus on resource design, and then use links to make
> popular interaction paths navigable for clients. and as a starting
> point in this web of interlinked resources, something like
> would be very
> helpful. we should corner mark next time we see him and tell him to
> start pushing this thing forward again....
> cheers,
> dret.



I threw together this diagram today and put those URI paths in to 
communicate their purpose in a concise way.

I hope that people familiar with RESTful APIs can look at bits of text 
like "POST /evan/activities" and have a rough idea of how that resource 
would behave.

Please just take them as extremely brief sketches of an API component 
and not a proposal for a naming convention.


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