Re: AS2.0 Discovery

hello elf.

to answer your question:

On 2014-10-15, 4:22 , ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ wrote:
> I would like to start publishing my personal AS2.0 ASAP. Question arises
> - how can others discover it?

the short and simple answer: that's not covered by AS or AS2.

the longer answer: if you link to it in some context where discovery of 
information "streams" is supported, and the client following that link 
understands AS2, then you can make it discoverable in that context. for 
feeds, this often uses the "alternate" link relation to point from a web 
page (e.g., a blog page) to its feed. you could similarly link from your 
web page (or any other resource) to its stream by using "alternate". not 
a really helpful link relation, but at least something.



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