AS2.0 Discovery


I would like to start publishing my personal AS2.0 ASAP. Question arises
- how can others discover it?

I could advertise it in 3 places for

1. HTTP Header Link - independent of content type
2. rdfs:seeAlso when requested as JSON-LD but then i would need some
specific @type to recognize relevant resource
3. <link> when requested as HTML (I could also add here rdfs:seeAlso
with RDFa)

For I could add it to my JRD profile which
i provided via webfinger.

I see that uses HTTP Header Link and
HTML <link>, which leaves only HTTP Header option when requesting
JSON(-LD) content type. Hydra uses only HTTP Header Link, so maybe we
could consider HTTP Header Link a MUST and suggest other possibilities
as MAY?


Received on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 11:24:51 UTC