Proposal: Focus on two Task Forces, Use Case and Vocabulary


I would like to propose focusing our work on just two Task Forces
* Use Case TF -
* Vocabulary TF -

Which means, accepting that two other never really took of
* Architecture TF -
IMO we can, or even should, work on that all together and don't need a
dedicated TF. If at some point we find need for one, we can always start it.

* Liaison TF -
IMO we all should pay attention to coordinating our work with other
groups doing relevant work. Actually I would find it much more
beneficial that in each of two active task forces someone takes Liaison

This way we could get in rhythm of meeting every week
* General IG telecon - every 2 weeks
* TF telecon - every 2 weeks, Use Case and Vocabulary alternating

What do you think?

If Lloyd will decide that he can't take responsibility of Vocabulary TF
Chair. I can step up and re-prioritize my work to have capacity to
become more active in it. Tomorrow I will put some time towards
reworking TF wiki page. This way Amy, Lynn, Jason and everyone else who
wants to engage in Vocabulary work, will have better entry point.


Received on Wednesday, 1 April 2015 20:26:47 UTC