Summary & Minutes of Silver meeting of 21 April 2020

== Summary ==
Silver will hold another virtual extended meeting simlar to the meetings 
we held online when we could not attend the Face to Face meeting prior 
to CSUN.  The meeting will be 4 two hour slots.

  * *May 6 Wednesday from 10a-12p US Eastern time and 2p-4p US Eastern
  * *May 7 Thursday from 11a-1p US Eastern and 2p-4p US Eastern
  * *We will have the Silver Tuesday call at 9:30 for anyone who wants
    to work on planning, but will cancel the usual Silver Friday call.

We reviewed the Essentials for Publishing (MVP) document and made edits 
and got groups organized to start doing the necessary work.

  * *Add a Framework section to the Introduction to describe the overall
  *   Accepted edits from Alastair
  * Discussed writing more guidelines so we had 4 migrated from WCAG and
    2 new guidelines.
  * Made plans to restart existing groups to bring the work up to the
    present in testing and scoring
  * Invited members with Github skills to make edits and submit pull
  * Discussed what could be a another new guideline.  The AGWG chairs
    recommended something related to a new technology.  We will form a
    subgroup to look at what can be done around xR (a category name
    including augmented reality, virtual reality, and other immersive tech)

We will continue discussion of what should be included in Conformance on 
Friday. Jake Abma would like to present a proposal next Tuesday.

== Minutes ==

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