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Problem Statements For Design Sprint

From: mark tanner <mktanner@btinternet.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2018 12:16:02 +0000
To: public-silver@w3.org
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In several instances, in Usability and Conformance model, the content 
headings don’t correspond to the headings in the outline at the top of 
the document. Most just require a change in the ordering or numbering to 

However in Conformance Model there is a whole section “monitoring 
process” which is listed in the outline, but has no content. There is 
also a section “Evolving technology” which has content, but is not 
listed in the outline.

The maintenance section is fine, with the numbering and headings in both 
outline and content matching.

I have listed the mismatches below. Numbers and headings in brackets are 
the numbering and headings in the main body of the content.


 1. *Usability*
     1. Themes from research.(Matches)
     2. Too difficult to read. (1.2 Difficult to Get Started)
     3. Difficult to get started (1.3 Ambiguity in interpreting success
     4. Ambiguity in interpreting the success criteria (1.4 Convincing
     5. Convincing Others (1.5 Too Difficult to read)
 2. *Conformance Model*
     1. Themes from research (Matches)
     2. Constraints on What is Strictly Testable (2.2 Evolving technology)
     3. Human Testable (Matches)
     4. Accessibility Supported (Matches)
     5. Monitoring process (2.5 Constraints on what is strictly testable)

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