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[primer] Minor comments on the primer

From: Lars G. Svensson via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:05:51 +0000
To: public-shex-dev@w3.org
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larsgsvensson has just created a new issue for https://github.com/shexSpec/primer:

== Minor comments on the primer ==
# 2.2 Basic Terminology
The text reads "all arcs in or out". I propose to change this to "all incoming or outgoing arcs"

# 3 ShEx Essentials
Text reads "in which an Issue which is submitted". That ought to be "in which an Issue is submitted" otherwise there's something missing in the sentence.
In the image of the graph the assignee is missing. Is that on purpose?

# 3.1 Node constraints
The definition of value set shows an example where the set consists of two IRIs. It would be helpful to add text or an example that shows how this works with literals and/or numbers. E. g. 
´´´my:IssueShape {
    ex:numberOfVerifications [ 1 3 5 ]
(saying that the issue must be verified 1, 3 or five times; stupid example but you get the gist...).

# 3.4 Combining Value Constraints
I don't quite understand this example. The result shape map references inst:User1 and inst:User3 but none of those appear in the passing/failing data. Are those instances the same as <http://hr.example/id#123> and <http://hr.example/id#abc> ?

# 3.7 Value Sets
In the example you use inverse constraints (´´´^ex:hasIssue´´´) but don't introduce those until later in the document which is confusing for the reader. It would be better to say that the example uses an inverse constraint and make a reference to 4.1.
The Result Shape Map says that ´´´inst:Issue3´´´ fails against ´´´my:IssueShape``` because ´´´my:Product3´´´ is not in range of ´´´ex:hasIssue´´´. In my view that is not correct. ´´´my:Product3´´´ is not in the *domain* of ´´´ex:hasIssue´´´ or not not in range of ´´´^ex:hasIssue´´´ (the inverse constraint).

# 4.1 Inverse Triple Constraints
Is there a reason that the data is not split into passing and failing data? ```inst:User2``` is failing data.

# 4.6 Repeated Properties
In this section the usual Result Shape Map is missing.



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