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[sdw] Abstract: Who is the BP for? (#1349)

[sdw] BP 10 gone (#1328)

[sdw] Bug in Example Use Case (#1347)

[sdw] Create Emerging Technologies section (#1348)

[sdw] Editors/Contributors will need updating (#1350)

[sdw] Example 14 (in 12.2.1 Best Practice 4) - no longer available (#1321)

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: BP 11 life-cycle rules

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: delete duplicate "data"

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: ex-geodcat-ap-dataset-spatial-representation-type - fix broken Link

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: Lvdb gaps

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: realistic example of angular distance

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: Switch Nanaimo property search to park search

[sdw] Merged Pull Request: Update Best Practice 7

[sdw] new commits pushed by situx

[sdw] Pull Request: add MSC OGC API - Features climate observation example (#1321)

[sdw] Pull Request: Add section about emerging technologies

[sdw] Pull Request: realistic example of angular distance

[sdw] Status of Document to be updated (#1351)

Closed: [sdw] Best Practice 7 - discussion of projections (#1326)

Closed: [sdw] BP 11 UK Digital National Framework disappeared years ago (#1329)

Closed: [sdw] Broken link in example 55 (#1303)

Closed: [sdw] example 56 repetition (#1305)

Closed: [sdw] example 61 is unrealistic re geodcatap:spatialResolutionAsAngularDistance (#1306)

Closed: [sdw] Example 7 in Best Practice 2 (#1310)

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