Re: [sdw] BP 10 gone (#1328)

Analysis of missing examples, for discussion in the group:

We believe the BBC has moved away from the system they were using built on semantic web technologies and all the relevant staff has left. This is only second hand information.

We only use BBC ontology as one of three examples of alternatives to owl:sameAs; _suggest_ simply removing this example.

However, it is an example of a publisher dropping linked data technology and losing the skills for it.

**OS Ireland**
Their site has been "under maintenance" for many months. Trawling their blogs & web, I guess that it’s gone: replaced by (a more ‘traditional’ portal) which seems to be built on Again, an example of a publisher dropping linked data technology, in this case because their system supplier does not easily support it.

We only use it as in EXAMPLE 59 in 13.7. _Suggest_ just dropping this example, leaving only the CSIRO one.

**Ordnance Survey, GB**
_Linked data for features_. OS's intention is to move from this to a OGC API Features which won't necessarily deliver any "linked data", and almost certainly won't maintain the URI identifiers. These URIs are not likely to work beyond 2022.

This is another example of a publisher moving away from publishing linked data, in this case due to lack of skills within the organisation & its customers.

However, at present, only the redirect from to has gone, so it's only necessary to make that one change. 

Note: is used 15 times as an identifier (and once discussing the linked data API). At present, the feature identifiers still work, but in each case (two features) the geometry identifiers have changed - because the geometry of the features has changed:

North Devon ( from 22933-4 to 22933-338
City of Edinburgh (, from -10 to -117

This may be worth mentioning - I guess it's not unusual for features to be more persistent than their properties!

We also reference two of OS's four ontologies: admingeo (six references) and geometry ontology (two references)

Regarding the four ontologies, OS has different ideas for the future:
* geometry ontology & spatial relations ontology: we plan to move from these to more authoritative equivalents, and may simply remove them. We are in discussion with OGC GeoSPARQL SWG, who intended to map to the OS spatial relations ontology, and have some evidence of its use
* postcode ontology and 'administrative and civil voting area ontology': these are specific to GB and OS is (probably!) the authority for them. Hopefully, we will keep them, but they may move to a different web location.

This is the 'success story', sticking with linked data.

However, one of the examples we use (, three times) returns an HTTP 404. @lvdbrink @jvanulde : perhaps you can tell why? 

The most used example,, still works (and is hopefully still Anne Frank’s house!), but the WFS that we use (EXAMPLE 16) has moved (from to & returns XML to a different schema now. 

_Suggest_: fix the WFS link & returned XML

Also,, given as another URI for Anne Franck's house (BP 1) doesn't work - they've changed pattern so now it's

(An example of changing 'good practice' in API / URI design?)

_Suggest_: fix this URI

**To discuss**

- three out of these four publishers have moved away (or are moving aware) from linked data
- properties are less persistent than features
- web services & schemas are less persistent than features
- preferred URL patterns are less persistent than features

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