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> Given that “actuable” is not a word in English (although it does seem to
be a word in Spanish, so maybe @Raul can help here?)

Could "actionable" be a better choice there ?
Actuating, Actuator, Actuation, actionable, actuated
@fr: Actionner, Actionneur, Action, actionnable, actionné

> could someone please give me some example of some Property that is
“actuable” but not “observable”?

Except maybe for the current state of Schrödinger's cat, I'm not sure.
Simon had the same comment in [1]

> I am thinking temperature (heat  it), gate openness (close it), light
onness (turn it off), dryness (wet it) etc.
> Is there really any intrinsic distinction, or does the intuition only
differ by whether or not you have to hand a “command” or  an “Actuator” to
do something to it?

To me, everything goes down to exactly this. Hence, ObservableProperty and
ActionableProperty are somehow just roles.
 - Having an individual explicitly classified as an ActionableProperty
should trigger in me the idea that something else is meant to actuate it.

> In which case, say we are talking about the “temperature” (observable
property)  of a “room “(feature of interest).  Say you have an “actuator”
(= room switch) to raise the temperature (actuableProperty) of the room.
Isn’t that second “actuable property “of the room exactly the same
‘temperature” that is an “observable property “ of the room?

[1] -

To give a concrete example, I'd like to use this part of the ontology
somehow like this:

<room> a sosa:FeatureOfInterest ;
    sosa:hasProperty <room/temperature> .

<sensor> a sosa:Sensor ;
    sosa:observesProperty <room/temperature> .

<actuator> a sosa:Actuator ;
    sosa:actsOnProperty <room/temperature> .

If this comes in:

<sensor> sosa:madeObservation [
       a sosa:Observation ;
       sosa:phenomenonTime "2017-02-13T11:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime ;
       sosa:hasResult [ a sosa:Result ; qudt:numericValue 13.5 ; qudt:unit
unit:CEL ]
  ] .

Then I do that:

<actuator> sosa:invoked [
       a sosa:Actuation ;
       sosa:phenomenonTime "2017-02-13T11:00:01Z"^^xsd:dateTime ;
       sosa:hasCommand [ a sosa:Command ; a ex:OnState ]
   ] .

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