Re: SpatialThing and feature (again)


On 04/19/17 13:29, Joshua Lieberman wrote:
> My understanding based on the limited documentation is that w3cgeo:SpatialThing covers both features and models such as geometries, so

that's my understanding too.  With the W3C WGS84 vocabulary you can write:

@prefix geo: <> .
@prefix : <#> .

:bob a geo:SpatialThing ; geo:lat "52.5196143" ; geo:long "13.4065603" .

So the resource with the URI :bob is both the "feature" and the "geometry".

In other representations (NeoGeo, GeoSPARQL), you would identify two separate

@prefix geo: <> .
@prefix : <#> .

:bob a :Feature ; :geometry _:bnode .
_:bnode a :Geometry , geo:Point ; geo:lat "52.5196143" ; geo:long "13.4065603" .

The URI :bob now represents the "feature" resource, and the blank node _:bnode
represents the "geometry" resource.

I wouldn't know how to write OWL axioms to map the two modeling choices though.

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