time of coverage calls

Hello again coverage fans

I've just seen while checking meeting times that Canberra has now come out
of daylight saving so our regular time has got even earlier for you, at the
same time that it has got later for me.

We probably don't have too many more of these calls to do, but happy to
adapt timing to suit.

We have also had regular participation from Scott and Josh in the US,
though they are not so directly involved in the deliverables.

For this week (only), I could do one hour later if that helps the
Australian contingent: so 21:00 UTC = 22:00 UK time = 07:00 (Thursday)

Or I'd be happy to change to earlier in the day UK time, so Wednesday
evening Australian time.

Could our regular attendees please let me know their preferences.  Happy to
adapt the time of this week's call accordingly.

Best regards


Received on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 08:52:04 UTC