ssn :complaint

Dear SDW,
I had a look at the sosa.ttl in github  today  with a vire to a final review and am concerned about the state of much of it, but most particularly surprised to see sampling, and to see that it has lots of problems. I started to note them, for correction, but there are so many I am certain that they will be ignored. Has anyone actually looked at  what is there, other than me? AFAICT it does not even match the wiki outline.  It also has complex consequences on ssn that have not even been begun to be considered.

I am surprised because, although I missed two  ssn meetings,  a vote to include it was never on the agenda, for either  meeting and indeed I had expressed my objection previously when it was discussed in meetings. It is a very substantial increase in scope (although we do have  maybe one use case, I think), but many other unserved use cases too at this time).  Normally, we do not make decisions on matters when people who had showed interest are not able to be present. Furthermore the minutes  records a -1 that was not mine, and a couple of zeros.  And it very clearly shows how rushed the decision was.

I am  particularly  concerned sampling is both very big, and very new, and buggy. Furthermore, in our rush to complete we have many more critical things to fix then this.

It should be removed.


Received on Wednesday, 5 April 2017 07:36:01 UTC