Re: Working list of BP requirements identified during the SDW WG f2f

Dear Simon,

> 1.1 URIs should be stable/persistent - I have seen suggestions that
> URIs can be easily minted using database keys. The risk with these is
> that keys are probably less stable than the things identified.

+1 ! and I'm sure that Phil has emphasized this aspect of stability and 
persistence given his prior work :-)
What about the dereferencability of such URIs? Should a best practice 
document recommend this?

> 1.8 The OGC URI scheme includes common CRS. Try
> for example. I trust that
> one of the OGC people in the meeting mentioned this?

Correct. The problem is that the list of CRS maintained by OGC is 
neither complete nor up-to-date. This might be the problem for any 
central organization that is willing to maintain such a list that is 
changing over the time. In France, the National Geographic Institute 
(IGN) is maintaining another (long) list of CRS being used in its data, 
see also the vocabulary for defining CRS at 
IGN is providing stable, persistent and dereferencable URIs for numerous 
CRS such as RGF93 (Lambert93 projection) used in France Continental, 
RGFG95 used in Guyana, RGR92 used in Reunion island, RGM04 used in 
Mayotte, WGS84 used in Guadeloupe (with various UTM projections), etc.


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