sdw Teleconference this week cancelled and more

Dear sdw-ers

Thank you for your participation at the meeting in Barcelona last week, especially those who stuck it out  by remote participation while missing the excellent local food and drink! Also a big thanks to all those excellent lightning talks.   The minutes are posted on the wiki.

The meeting this week, normally  18&19 March, is cancelled.

Instead, our use case deliverable editors (and some others) are working to ensure we have appropriately documented the work we did at the Barcelona meeting. Our plan is to work from this documentation to complete the iteration through the rest  of the use cases that we did not get to in Barcelona. We will do this  in two parallel teleconferences, in the 2  groups as we worked on  in  Barcelona. We will advise on more detail for this before the next meeting.

The next meeting will resume at the usual time, ie UTC  8pm  Wed 25 March. PLEASE check your local time for that meeting as your local  time offset from UTC  may have changed.


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