Re: Working list of BP requirements identified during the SDW WG f2f

Dear Oscar, all,

> I am thinking on one, of instance, that I have realized that
> may have not been covered in the use cases that we introduced but that has
> been a recurring discussion with some of the people that we have been
> working on, which is the possibility of explicitly "describing a default
> geometry representation according to the zoom level with which some data
> is being consumed≤. Obviously, this may be well be done at the consumer
> side, but may also make sense to be made explicit in some cases, for
> easier consumption.

+1 for this requirement too. I remember that it has been discussed 
already, in the Locations and Addresses community group, and I think 
Frans has nicely captured this requirement in one of the email threads. 
I would need to dig it up though.


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