Additional enumerations for HealthAspectEnumeration schema

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We have successfully added the HealthAspectEnumeration ( schema to our conditions content on the NHS website ( as we wanted to modularise our content in a less granular way than MedicalCondition.

We are now adding the same schema to our medicines content using OverviewHealthAspect, UsageOrScheduleHealthAspect, SideEffectsHealthAspect and LivingWithHealthAspect but there are additional enumerations we would like to introduce. It would be good to get your input on the following additions:

  *   SuitabilityHealthAspect - Who can and cannot take, use or have a topic.
Example: If children can take a particular medicine, or if there are any medical conditions that mean you cannot take it.
  *   WarningHealthAspect - Key information and warnings specific to a topic.
Example: A key warning for a blood-thinning medicine would be the increased risk of severe bleeding.
  *   PregnancyHealthAspect - Advice about a topic for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Example: If a medicine can be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  *   InteractionsHealthAspect - Medicines and remedies that may interact with a topic.
Example: Other medicines a person should avoid because they might affect how a medicine they’re currently taking works, or increase the risk of side effects.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Many Thanks,


James Lumgair
Product Manager – Syndication and Content Modularisation
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