Re: Eurocentrism, incorrect unit abbreviations, and proprietary Royalist Engish (sic) terms

On 11/07/18 09:04, Martin Hepp wrote:
> ...  We could solve that by removing the LocalBusiness supertype and 
> instead recommend MTE markup for commercial sites. 


An MTE is your friend... :-)

It makes sense that if there is an "X" that allows camping and provides 
services, it should be marked up as a place "Where You Pitch Your Tent" 
and "LocalBusiness"...

> But there is a trade-off: it will break the hierarchy and make markup 
> more difficult for the commercial ones...


Don't see that using an MTE makes markup more difficult - beyond knowing 
that you should use an MTE.


    "roleName":"Interested Observer" ...

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