Re: Dates and locations of a CourseInstance & the lessons it comprises.

On 17/03/16 12:34, Dan Brickley wrote:
> Phil et al., does this make any sense, e.g. perhaps treating
> CourseInstance as a named subtype of EventSeries? (or at least sharing
> structure/approach with it)
I wouldn't be too happy about subtyping unless we can have a series of 
one (for single day events), and you mean multiple inheritance (we will 
be making use of many other properties of Event). And if you mean 
multiple inheritance then, given EventSeries < Series < CreativeWork, we 
would be back with CourseInstance as a sub class of both Event and 
CreativeWork, which has its own problems.

The proposal for EventSeries with the example of the different editions 
every summer of the Salzburger Festspiele seems more like it is dealing 
with a relationship similar to that between a Course and the 
CourseInstances (running different 'editions' of the MSc in Basket 
Weaving every year). It doesn't deal with subevents of those editions 
happening at regular times, which is what I think we have for 

A common structure makes a lot of sense for things that happen at 
regular time slots (either series of related events or repeats of the 
same thing)


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