Re: Dates and locations of a CourseInstance & the lessons it comprises.


I've quickly check the Course proposal, and definitely there is common
problem with the EventSeries we outlined in #446.

But also it opens a different problem about instantiating an course; e.g.,
"Algebra II" and "Algebra II in 2015/16", where the semantics is different
of an event in a series of event. Because I'd not say that the "Concert of
Arcade Fire in Bilbao" is an instance of "Concert of Arcade Fire", but part
of a tour.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 2:25 PM, Phil Barker <> wrote:

> On 17/03/16 12:34, Dan Brickley wrote:
>> Phil et al., does this make any sense, e.g. perhaps treating
>> CourseInstance as a named subtype of EventSeries? (or at least sharing
>> structure/approach with it)
> I wouldn't be too happy about subtyping unless we can have a series of one
> (for single day events), and you mean multiple inheritance (we will be
> making use of many other properties of Event). And if you mean multiple
> inheritance then, given EventSeries < Series < CreativeWork, we would be
> back with CourseInstance as a sub class of both Event and CreativeWork,
> which has its own problems.

I wouldn't go for that path either...

The proposal for EventSeries with the example of the different editions
> every summer of the Salzburger Festspiele seems more like it is dealing
> with a relationship similar to that between a Course and the
> CourseInstances (running different 'editions' of the MSc in Basket Weaving
> every year). It doesn't deal with subevents of those editions happening at
> regular times, which is what I think we have for CourseInstances.

Recurrence is definitely also an open issue. I didn't followed the latest
discussion, but have we reached any agreement on that?

A common structure makes a lot of sense for things that happen at regular
> time slots (either series of related events or repeats of the same thing)

Yes, that's an aspect we have to work out, trying to provide a simple
modelling covering a broader use case.

Thanks for including me in the loop.


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