Re: Dates and locations of a CourseInstance & the lessons it comprises.

(copying Sergio Fernández who proposed EventSeries mentioned below)

On 17 March 2016 at 10:12, Phil Barker <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I think this is non-controversial: I have added to the wiki pages describing
> how to identify the start date, end date and location of a Course Instance
> by using the existing startDate, endDate and location properties in
> This is just filling in what we had already put into examples
> when discussing CourseInstance as a sub-type of Event.
> This doesn't quite finish the job of describing where and when a course
> happens. A course instance may comprise several events, i.e. the individual
> lessons, lectures, seminars, labs, tests, exams etc. Requirement e) says we
> must be able to identify the dates and times at which individual course
> events are offered [1].  This is implied in some of the other requirements,
> e.g. about accessibility of events that are part of a course and the
> locations at which they are held.
> I propose we use to point to these individual
> course meetings, which would each be a  It
> would then be possible to give relevant details about each one.
> I'll also note that it is often the case that lessons etc occur regularly
> (e.g. lab classes every Wednesday morning). There is an open issue for how
> to represent such events in at

Thank you for bringing up this (potentially quite important) overlap.

#240 is " should say something about repeating events"

See also EventSeries proposal at (with a documented /
illustrated concrete proposal at ).

Sergio - could I persuade you to take a look at the Course proposals
and nearby) to see if the Course usecases can be accomodated within
the repeating Event / EventSeries design discussed in #446/#447?

Phil et al., does this make any sense, e.g. perhaps treating
CourseInstance as a named subtype of EventSeries? (or at least sharing
structure/approach with it)


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