Re: schema-course-extend: credential or award offered through course.

On 16/06/2016 10:10, Richard Wallis wrote:
> Seeing the somewhat involved discussion around the description of 
> credentials I envisage either the overall Course proposal (V1.0) being 
> delayed by it or; the credential proposals not being addressed fully.
I agree.

> Pragmatically I propose that initially the property is defined with a 
> rangeIncludes of Text & URL.  This will provide the initial ability to 
> at least reference credentials.  Following on, a full broad discussion 
> will result in a well thought through proposal for a new Credential 
> [or alternatively named] Type.  Part of that proposal being to extend 
> the range of the Course property to include this new type.
Why URL rather than Thing? I would quite like to be able to provide a 
name and URL.  Also, I don't like the semantics of implying that the 
student will get a URL at the end of the course!

> As to the currently proposed Course property name ‘grantsCredential’, 
> we still have the question of if ‘credential’ is a good term.  Even if 
> we agree it is, I have a concern about ‘grants’.   The Course does not 
> /grant/ a qualification, that is done by an organisation - 
> completing/passing the course leads to the granting of the associated 
> qualification.

Yes, I see your point.


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> On 16 June 2016 at 09:40, Phil Barker < 
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>     Hello all, [apologies if you receive this twice, the message I
>     sent yesterday seems to have disappeared]
>     We have a use case for the schema course extension that user
>     should be able to find a course that offers a qualification the
>     searcher would like to acquire hence a requirement that it must be
>     able to identify the qualification offered to those completing a
>     course, see .
>     The current proposal has a grantsCredential property of Course
>     with expected (but undefined) type of Credential see,
>     There has been quite an involved discussion on github over the
>     last few weeks around how to describe credentials, starting at
>     The modelling of qualifications, awards, credentials clearly goes
>     beyond the modelling of courses and is being addressed else where
>     (see the git hub conversation for references to Credential
>     Transparency Initiative, OpenBadges, blockchain in credentialling
>     etc.)
>     I would like to gauge opinion on two issues:
>     1. the name credential is proving problematic as to many it
>     associates with security credential, cryptography, etc. It would
>     be useful to find an alternative.
>     2. What is the minimum that we need to do in order to deal with
>     the link from Courses to credential/qualification/award offered in
>     such a way that it meets our use case and can be picked up by
>     those looking specifically at educational credentials.
>     Bear in mind Richard Wallis's advice of last week concerning "what
>     should be in Course 1.0" where he advises that fine detail be left
>     for future refinements.
>     I am hoping that the answer is something like a property of course
>     called something like grantsCredential or offersEducationalAward
>     which has an expected type text or CreativeWork or a named but
>     otherwise empty subtype of CreativeWork.
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