schema course extend: Progress!

Hello all,

this is a request to approve the proposal that the most stable parts of 
our work so far into the core of More detail about this are 
but in brief:

Dan Brickley asked me what Course-related terms I felt were most stable. 
He wishes to show some tangible progress and to stabilize the building 
blocks that we will need later (and so do I).

We agreed that
   * Course + properties: courseCode, coursePrerequisites, hasCourseInstance
   * CourseInstance + properties: courseMode, instructor
are at a stage where we can consider moving them into the core.

After yesterday's discussion, I think we can now add 
educationalCredentialAwarded  to that list.

So, please review

and indicate whether you agree that these should be proposed for 
inclusion in the core of the next release of


Phil Barker           @philbarker
Heriot-Watt University


Received on Friday, 19 August 2016 09:09:57 UTC