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I have a bunch of docs around it, as does Amanda (and others).

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> Hello,
> So, from measuring the productive output for review across the value chain
> how would it equate to:
> 1) contributor1 published some creative work as a commit (would the commit
> in itself create the value or the push to master?)
> 2) contributor2 publishes a bug to solve contributor1 creativework then
> commits (how would that get tracked through the value chain?)
> 3) lead comes along and does a scheduled merge this causes a summary of
> certs to be produced across the value chain (who gets the credit, because
> in the merge commit it overrides every other contributor on the chain that
> has previously had made a commit?
> 4) how do you validate the distributed contributions from overriding merge
> commits?
> 5) when the full website product is produced for distribution will there
> be 4 contributors tracked or 1 with the summary cert?
> 6) how would you track work output from an unquantifiable work output like
> training/mentoring contributors on the value chain, something that is
> abstract like code review, proofreading someone's work vs something that is
> quantifiable like writing code, documentation or writing an article?
> Thanks,
> Adeel
> On Fri, 13 Aug 2021 at 20:05, Timothy Holborn <>
> wrote:
>> Couple things,
>> History informs choice, or perverts it....depending on what character
>> traits societies want to promote or punish, choices are made.
>> quick bit of history (still a little irritated).
>> [image: ValueChain.jpg]
>> image source
>> (NB found: )
>> is good too...
>> always good to check dates; hopefully, it'll become easier, in future...
>> Manu went about engaging in a contract pursuing educational credentials.
>> It then appeared that he needed SBIR funding. We spoke about it, but he
>> complained that he needed resources to even go after the grants.  I kinda
>> understood this due to a former business partner (2000-2) who did
>> similar things (gov grants, biz plans, etc) locally (
>> ); but didn't know how it went in the US, so I asked someone I thought
>> would know.
>> (per below).
>> Whilst Manu later got SBIR funding, and I wonder if these actions led to
>> "Respect Network" becoming more involved with credentials; it's still
>> presently not as clear as could be useful for future purposes.
>> The history of how that came about would be great to chart out...
>> In anycase, See below...
>> IMO: it is important to fill in the gaps.
>> I know what I did in past to support the growth of knowledge banking
>> systems, #RealityCheckTech - cyber support for #RuleOfLaw.  And I know I
>> have an archive that goes back some 20+ years on my work, with so much done
>> over the last decade...  i know and am mindful of the sorts of considerat
>> ions that went into "verifiable claims" (rather than, 'identity
>> credentials').
>> I don't think Victor knows it's now being used to power vaccine passports
>> globally...
>> But I also don't really want to follow-up with him about it, for various
>> complicated reasons that go back to old issues, more than a decade overall;
>> key to why the 'access to justice' use cases, the use cases where I wanted
>> to record an environment via any media, then transcoded / phonetic
>> analysis, all the stuff I first knew about from NMXS back in 2001
>> (transcoding digibetas & making them searchable, for cable tv distribution
>> in the US) + so much more; to ensure, human rights of kids were easily able
>> to be protected in a court of law.
>> Just show the judge what happened... have the means to present the
>> digital evidence when it matters most.  Rather than letting immoral people
>> assault kids, in darkness, with no evidence, for profits, for income;
>> Income that is all too often, government paid (only caring about the next
>> promotion, kinda people) - so i thought, build capability for low-cost
>> truth telling in courts of law. fix problems, rather than engage in
>> 'fairy-tale narrative' warfare, like a bunch of creatives on the astroturf
>> late at night at the standard hotel in LA...
>> Yet, knowing that wasn't something people here would have invested their
>> time in solving; it was convenient that it fit into an ecosystem, what I
>> called the knowledge banking ecosystem, and if it worked; it would solve
>> that problem I cared most about in this generation of adults, not the next.
>> So much progress since, but verifiable claims as 'vaccine passport', has
>> very little to do with the protection of the human rights of kids.  Indeed
>> even providing verifiable claims in the sex worker industry (ie; mental
>> health check, ensuring they're able to voluntarily make choices about their
>> own lives & "of sound mind", etc.) to protect against human trafficking,
>> na...  Can't do that yet either...  Not as profitable as helping out
>> pharma, like we're all experts in pathology...
>> "He thought he could build a secure system for people to access their
>> personal computer functions, plus their favourite TV programs, movies, any
>> kind of media, over the internet.  "It was a* Bill Gates
>> take-over-the-world platform*," he says. It sounds like a young man's
>> grandiosity, but some of Australia's leading IT figures looked at his idea
>> and liked it."
>> Source June 19, 2004 -
>> In anycase: I think if the claim is that only coders are useful or that
>> other similar statements made are going to be considered; then, I can keep
>> providing more insights overtime about good faith work done in past and
>> perhaps we can better clarify what happened, prior to those court hearings
>> globally re: vaccine passports and related globalist affairs linked to mass
>> toilet paper shortages and other amazing illustrations of ideologically
>> compliant moral flexibility by some of our colleagues.
>> There's alot of none coders who want to know what happened, and some of
>> those noncoders have stockpiles of toilet paper to protect their health, as
>> a consequence of the work done by so few here...
>> (Population went up last year?)
>> As noted, fairly irritated.
>> I hope the underlying problems can be appropriately addressed as to
>> optimise real-world productivity (/quality of life) throughout the western
>> world (& elsewhere generally also), asap.
>> As a consequence of this line of enquiry (per below) back in 2015, I then
>> ended up doing a bunch of work on community tv, which is on the list around
>> that time; a man called Tony Scott helped me with some financial / proposal
>> works, extending from the aforementioned work with "Alex" amongst others...
>> Tony later died tragically.  RIP Tony Scott.
>> Alot of big changes happened in AU law relating to modern slavery,
>> domestic violence, anti-money laundering & related improvements around
>> protections against financial crimes, etc.
>> Obviously, part of what verifiable claims is suppose to help with; is
>> KYC/AML. (Anti money laundering).
>> I guess they're planning on upgrading the use cases for vaccine passports
>> once implemented; I'd guess, they'll be plugged into prominent silicon
>> valley global platforms, where they'll be managing the AI to help eradicate
>> Content about particular subjects, whilst selling as much toilet paper as
>> the climate change politics will allow.
>> (Zombies).
>> As noted; my work, is on #realitychecktech
>> I found the cognitive AI CG, I think it makes more sense to look at how
>> that layer is intended to work; then backfill.
>> history below...
>> Timothy Holborn.
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